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Leave It In The Tea Tin is now available on iBooks, kobo, as a Barnes & Noble NOOK book, and a myriad of other places. For me, that’s just cool. For you, it means I don’t want to hear you haven’t read it because you couldn’t find it.

Especially since there’s a helpful little link right HERE! For your convenience, of course. Nothing to do with me and/or my ego.

But, if you don’t want to get it direct from Smashwords, just go to your reading device or app and search for it or me. We’re there now.

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Victory is mine!

Writers block is whimpering in a puddle of its own blood in the corner because I KICKED ITS ARSE!!! Yeah, I’m a bad mofo fo sho.

Coherent words have been written. That superhero epic I’m writing? Have just written a little teaser from it that I really quite like right now. Don’t get hopes raised though – I may despise it tomorrow after I’ve come down from the high of the fight. And even if I do like it, I’ll be editing over and over, because I’m anal (and not in the fun way).

That’s my plan for the moment. Now that the curse is broken, I’m going to be working heavy on my superhero novel, but I want to still publish things now and then, so I’m going to be writing these little scenes from the ‘verse – kind of origin story stuff – that I can get out there for free. Hopefully people will like them enough that they’ll be willing to part with real life money’s when the actual novel is done.

But that’s later. For now I’m just so fucking happy to be writing again. There was seriously a point there when I thought I was going to lose my frigging mind if I didn’t get anything down. There were – no shit – times where I was so frustrated that I curled up and sobbed. It’s like insomnia like that, to me anyway. It wheedles into my psyche and destroys me.

Speaking of insomnia … it’s been a while since I’ve seen my bed. I’d try to go now, but I know I’ll fail. Too high to sleep. I’ll wait until my cuts and bruises have healed from the throw down bitch fight with the block before I try to tackle that evil whore.

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Dear writers block,

I am going to kick your arse.

We’ve had this fight before, you and I, and we’re fairly evenly matched, but this is my round and I’m afraid I’m going to have to hurt you. Nothing personal, old friend. It’s just that you’re making me bat shit crazy.

The stories are there – good ones, once I get the verbal enema out of the way and let them ferment in a clean idea!colon – itching to be told, but for a while now, you’ve stood firmly in their way, using your Jedi mind tricks to muddy and confuse the waters of my imaginations bowel. They’re there! And if you’d kindly step aside and just let me fucking write them, we could avoid the messy brawl and go our separate ways.

But you won’t. You never do. You’re as stubborn as I, and so we’ve been stuck in this constipationate stalemate for ages. Enough is enough.

I am going to write and if you get in my way, I’m going to smack a bitch up. You, writers block, you’re the bitch. You think you can hold me off again, think you’ve seen all my tricks and have every possible defence planned out. But you ain’t seen nothing yet, mo fo.

Shit analogies are just the beginning. I’m so fucking ready for you, you aren’t even going to know what hit you.

Bring. It. On.

Hugs & Kisses,

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The Indie Way

It will be assumed that I am the receiver of rejection letters. I am not. Not because I’ve got publishing houses and agents scrambling for my work. I don’t. Because it’s not that great. Thing is, I’ve never sent any of my stuff off to any of these places.

Why? Because I’m a paranoid control freak.

This is why I love the idea of self-publishing. Sure, it gets a bad rap, because there are so many truly dreadful works out there, since it opens the door for every idiot in the world to become an author. But there’s equally awful works that have been legitimately published (sparkly vampires and different hues of grey come to mind), so that is no reason to avoid the DIY way.

The pros outweigh the cons, really. If you self publish, you’ve less people to give any earnings to. It’s quicker. It’s cheaper. It guarantees you’ll get published (I don’t care if I never make money, or get famous, I just want to write and share it with the world). But, most important to me, it gives you complete control.

So that’s the route I’m going, starting with eBooks.

On one hand, I hate the idea of eBooks. I love little more than to hold a hard copy of a book in my hand, smell its pages, feel its textures. On the other hand, eBooks provide convenience, they’re cheaper, and better for the environment.

To test it out, I’ve gone back and retouched something I wrote long ago. It’s about as far from my usual style as I could get – I’m a writer of fantasy and sci-fi and superheroes – but it’s just a short story, which made me comfortable with introducing myself to the literary world with no expectations of payment (it’s free!).

Here, Leave It In The Tea Tin, a touching story about a man in the midst of a midlife crisis, and his prostitute.

Have at it. And keep an eye on this place as I turn it into a writing diary of sorts.

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